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Admiral Rodney is one of the world’s finest rums. Made from 100% continuous still rums, Admiral Rodney is St. Lucia Distillers flagship in terms of age and complexity. The rum commemorates the English Admiral Rodney who famously “broke the line” and vanquished the French fleet at the Battle of the Saints in 1782.

In 2009 Admiral Rodney won Gold at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London, Gold at the World Spirits Competition in Germany and the Rum Trophy at the International Spirits

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“The Spirit of Saint Lucia” was established in 1972 as the principle rum brand of St. Lucia Distillers, a united venture created when the last two distilleries on the island, the Dennery Distillery and Roseau Bay Distillery, merged. BOUNTY rum captures and conveys the island’s most dynamic and festive qualities, which stem from the island’s traditional and cultural roots. Our rums are a blend of double distilled rums from Guyanese molasses. They are known for their distinct clean and smooth mouth feel along with terrific medium bodied characters, ideal to be enjoyed in your favorite cocktails. Generations of St. Lucians have enjoyed BOUNTY's clean and medium bodied profile which makes it a versatile rum and ideal for mixing.

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Chairman’s Reserve was first blended in 1999 and was overseen by the then Chairman, Laurie Barnard who conceived a quality rum which was blended using continuous and pot still rums coming on stream after ageing. Local demand has been phenomenal and the brand has expanded internationally, where the versatility of the rum makes for great cocktails.

Chairman’s Reserve recently won Gold
- Best in Class at the International Wine & Spirits Competition and Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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St. Lucia Distillers overproof rum is a staunch favourite among rum drinkers in St. Lucia. used in punches or drunk straight by the more adventurous this is a highly versatile rum.



Our range of Marigot Liqueurs include Coconut & Rum, Coconut Cream and Banana Cream and are designed to showcase local flavours.

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A sweet fortified wine with a citrus apple taste and a smooth but powerful finish.

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A robust fortified wine with vitamins, iron, and Bois Bandé. Sting gives a potent and arousing rush allowing the drinker to be less inhibited.

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A blend of St. Lucian natural Sea Moss, Coconut, and Ginseng. Rich and creamy with a pleasant velvety mouth feel, Z Moss is a natural but potent Caribbean experience.




Rum is the Spirit of St Lucia. It is the connection of a people to its history - a link between hands in the soil from which sugar is grown, to hands in the air as we express ourselves at carnival. St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies captures and bottles that spirit. The process starts using molasses, the by-product of sugar manufacturing, puts it through a heavily controlled and monitored fermentation process, distils and then blends to achieve the right balance and flavours. The rum is then aged, each to the product’s specifications, blended, bottled and distributed. St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies has maintained a reputation for fine rums and liqueurs that are enjoyed in St Lucia and exported all over the world.


Rum making can be an interesting process, below is a more visual process of the stages: ........................................ 1. Raw Materials Molasses, made from the juice extracted from sugarcane, is imported from the fertile river plains of sugar-producing Guyana.
........................................ 2. Fermentation Water, yeast & molasses are mixed and fermented at controlled temperatures for 24-30 hours.
........................................ 3. Distillation The mixture is heated and distilled in either a pot still or column (continuous) still. Each produces a distinct flavour and each level of extraction gives a unique character to the spirit. The boutique and variety depend on the different draw points.
........................................ 4. Maturation Maturation time depends on the type of rum to be produced – premium aged rums, called sipping rums, are aged the longest; mixing rums like Bounty take less time and white rums like Strong and unaged.
........................................ 5. Blending The exact character of each rum or liqueur is determined by a master team of blenders who are constantly developing new products once the right blend has been created and the product developed, those are meticulously reproduced on the production line.
........................................ 6. Bottling The packaging of a product often makes the difference between a rum’s commercial success and its failure. No matter how critically acclaimed the rum, packaging has to catch the eye. The label needs to resonate with the consumer.

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